Update to subscriptions

Update to subscriptions

To Our Fantastic Coffee Subscribers,

As a town and as a business I’m proud to say we’ve entered a new phase of late. We initially started offering local delivery for subscribers at a time when things were very very grim. With stores closed, small businesses like ours were hit extremely hard. Because of people like you, we were not only able to weather the storm, but we’ve come out the other side even stronger.

You have probably noticed some changes over the last few months. We’ve opened locations in Bloomington, MN as well as at the Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester. We’ve launched a new website, and are pressing into the future with changed packaging, expanding our menu, and adding in-person events to rebuild the community feeling that was hit hard over the last two years.

Part of that will be a change in how we are going to handle our subscriptions. With an upgraded site, we have migrated our subscriptions to a new platform with a few new perks. You can fully be in control of your own experience. If you create an account on our website, using the email you’re reading this now, you can fully edit your subscription. You can add payment methods, skip a week when needed, change your frequency, change the products, as well as a pickup in store option. We are more than happy to help people if you are having difficulty figuring out the account page.

There is a price difference as well. We’re changing our subscription from a dynamic model to a flat 10% discount off of the retail price of the coffee. Most will not see much of a change, but I’ve included information at the bottom showing the new prices for subscriptions. Some of you had an initial locked in promo-price that was supposed to last only as long as the lockdown. We kept it in place for this extra time as a huge thank you for your support in our time of need.

Last is a note about timing. We’re concentrating our local deliveries onto one day - Mondays. Your order will process on Fridays and be available for pickup or delivery (whichever you choose) on Mondays. For those that change their subscription to a pickup in store, there’s an extra perk. When you pick up your bag during the week, you get a free drip coffee or an extra shot of espresso in a beverage while you’re there! Bonus! Pickup orders can be grabbed in store anytime that location is open Monday - Friday! Just make sure you pick the spot best for you. We’re currently offering pickup at our Miracle Mile and Bloomington stores with plans to roll-out to others soon.

Thanks for your continued support!

Fiddlehead Team


Woodland Blend - Retail Price: $15.00 - Subscription Price: $13.50

Oak Savannah - Retail Price: $15.00 - Subscription Price: $13.50

Driftless Decaf - Retail Price: $15.50 - Subscription Price: $13.95

Rotating Single Origin - Retail Price: $16.00-$19.50 - Subscription Price: $14.85