The Best Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee

The Best Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee

There's a few different methods depending on what tools you have at your disposal. The easiest would be with just a cheesecloth and a bucket or a decent pot. Our keeper of fire (coffee roasting master) J prefers the iced Chemex method. You can also use a French press to make cold brew as well. The cheese cloth method is basically simulating a toddy brewer just without the specific brewer. The method is shown here:

Whichever method you decide on, we recommend grinding on the coarsest setting right before brewing, and that for best results we also recommend steeping for a min of 18-22 hours.

Making cold brew routinely at home is also a great opportunity to play around with personalized blends of multiple coffees at home in your cold brew, testing the ratios until you land on a perfect custom blend ;). 

Depending on what you're going for, chocolate or fruit notes tend to work best. Just stay away from very acidic coffees. (We don't have any acid bombs at Fiddlehead Coffee Co.)


Our owner/coffee roaster Patrick’s personal fav for cold brew is a 3:1 blend of Oak Savannah with whatever lighter, more fruit forward single origin we have on hand. It’s just lovely. Like nibbling on a dried apricot that’s been slightly rehydrated with elderflower syrup and covered in dark chocolate on a porch beside someone smoking a pipe.