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Oak Savannah

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Local Deliveries are only sent on Mondays starting May 9th, 2022. USPS orders are sent Monday-Friday, and pick-up in store options are available during business hours. Look at specific store hours and locations for more information.

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As a consumable product. Returns are always difficult. Please reach out to with any questions.

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Oak Savannah is our tried and true blend for a familiar fresh brewed coffee. We're a lighter roasting company, so to us it's on the dark end, but to others it’s a medium roast. It's complimented by being a medium bodied coffee with milk chocolate, stone fruit and caramel notes.  Not too acidic, not bitter…a comforting coffee made with the best beans we can source.  That means no human exploitation and shade grown without chemicals making it not only environmentally friendly but actively preserving forest ecosystems across the globe.