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Rotating Single Origin - Subscription

Choose how often you want to receive a bag, grind type, and shipping option. You'll be auto-charged the amount below (plus shipping if by mail) at your selected frequency. Recurring subscriptions are charged on Wednesdays. To ensure freshness, we limit our roasting days and roast to order. So if your order isn't in by end of day Wednesday, it gets pushed to the following week. Roasting and packaging generally takes place on Thursdays. With shipping on the following Friday-Monday. Local Deliveries and Local Pickups are on Mondays. Look at specific store hours and locations for more information on pickups.

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Subscription edits

We highly encourage creating an account here on this website. When you do so, use the same email as your subscription and the two are auto-paired. Log in to your account to change frequency, pause, cancel, and more for your subscription. You will also receive a link for you to manage your subscription at sign-up.

Return Information

With consumable products, returns are always difficult. Failure to cancel a shipment before the next charge is not reason for a refund. We will stop it and refund if it isn't out the door yet, but if it has been shipped, a refund is un available. For more information or a specific concern, email Thank you!

Product Details

Subscribe and Save! Our single-origins are a rotating offering depending on what is is season. We roast up and send you the coffee we're most hyped on at the moment. A subscription for the coffee connoisseur or for those who like to change it up.  You’ll get our seasonal rotating Single Origins that rotate quarterly as well as some special surprises here and there. Coffee prices are from $14-$18 per 12oz bag and your subscription gets you each one for $14.85 (10% off $16.50) no matter the coffee featured. Pretty nifty huh?

Current offerings: 

Tanzania AA - Ngila Estate - Honey Process

West Java - Frinsa Collective - Anaerobic Natural