Coffee with J

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Monday - June 13th @ 3:00pm

Topic: Roast - What is going on in there?

In-person: At Flats

Online Link: Google Meet

Monday - July 11th @ 3:00pm

Topic: Decaf - Why bother?

In-person: At Kahler

Online Link: Google Meet

Monday August 8th @ 3:00pm

Topic: Coffee at home - Brewers/grinders/and why espresso is problematic

In-person: At Bloomington

Online Link: Google Meet

About J

J is the roastery operations manager. As a result since he primarily works behind the scenes, most people at Fiddlehead haven't met him. He has been in coffee for 21 years, roasting for 17 years across a lot of different places. Other than coffee he also loves mountains, beer, and mechanical things to tinker with. He can be easily bribed by a good beer, or udon noodles with a mushroom broth. If you have any questions outside the Q&A, just email him.

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