James Beard Award Winner Chef Paul Berglund joins the Fiddlehead Family

James Beard Award Winner Chef Paul Berglund joins the Fiddlehead Family

Just one week after opening the doors in their new location, Fiddlehead Coffee Co announces quite the addition to their roster, 2017 James Beard Award Winner Best Chef: Midwest, Paul Berglund.

The former head chef of Minneapolis’ renowned Nordic farm-to-table fine dining restaurant The Bachelor Farmer joins the Fiddlehead team as their Culinary and Sustainability Director.

Berglund joins Fiddlehead’s Head Chef Brandon Adams and Head Baker Sharon Su to complete Fiddlehead’s transformation from coffeeshop into world class coffee and culinary destination — featuring a house pastry program, full lunch and dinner menu, and a best-in-class beer, wine and cocktail menu. All with a strong focus on sustainable farming and the health of food systems in Rochester and beyond.

“We’re looking to create a world-renowned culinary identity for Rochester to match the city’s global medical prowess.  One that focuses on what’s good for the earth, good for the consumer, and good for the community in which it operates.” Says owner Patrick Phelan.

Berglund is on the board of directors of the Sustainable Farming Association and plans to apply that expertise to ensure Fiddlehead continues its mission to support local farmers and establish best practices when it comes to the sourcing and creating of menus that truly reflect the fullness of SE Minnesota’s agricultural bounty.

Paul will be spearheading a number of initiatives with the Fiddlehead enterprise — including hosting regular chef’s tasting menu takeovers of the restaurant, the first of which will be March 8th and 9th.  In his first event, Chef Berglund will be exploring his culinary roots, featuring dishes that are influenced by his experience with Italian, Nordic, and Japanese cuisine. Tickets available now at fiddleheadcoffee.co.

Chef Paul will also be regularly consulting on Fiddlehead’s coffee, pastry, food, and cocktail menus, as well as conducting research and development for Fiddlehead’s forthcoming retail beverage line; working towards the launch of the restaurant’s own farm; and establishing a mentorship and education program for the area’s promising young culinary talent.

About Fiddlehead Coffee Co.

Founded in 2017, Fiddlehead seeks to build and restore local community (and beyond) by establishing a culture of service and sustainability that is rooted in intentionality. They will reopen their doors January 2019 at Flats on Fourth, 412 3rd Ave SE, with a much-expanded list of culinary offerings including a world-class pastry program, coffee roastery, healthy fast casual lunch and small plate tapas style café with beer, wine and cocktails in the evenings all dedicated to showcasing ethically sourced, hyper-local ingredients. #goodfindfindgood

Sarah Phelan