Permafrost Blend 2023 - Winter Seasonal

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To ensure freshness, we limit our roasting days and roast to order. So if your order isn't in by end of day Wednesday, it gets pushed to the following week. Roasting and packaging generally takes place on Thursdays. With shipping on the following Friday-Monday. Local Deliveries and Local Pickups are on Mondays. Look at specific store hours and locations for more information on pickups.

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As a consumable product. Returns are always difficult. We can only accept returns for product defects. If you want to cancel an order and it hasn't gone out yet, emaill us ASAP. Please reach out to with any questions.

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It's the depths of winter now. Warmth is but a faint memory. The first snowfall brought excitement, now it's just an observation of the weather. Permafrost is our cure for it. A sweet warm treat with fruit and a little floral note to keep the hope of Spring alive.

Roast Light/Medium
Acidity Warming
Body Clean
Flavor Notes Carmel, toasted almonds, cherry, chocolate, jasmine, hope