3 tips for storing your beans at home

3 tips for storing your beans at home

Woooo, your freshly roasted Fiddlehead beans just arrived, congrats! Is there anything better than the smell of fresh coffee beans? We clearly don’t think so! To maximize your bean freshness, here are some tips for storing your coffee beans. 

  1. Avoid sunlight. Keep your beans in their airlocked bag or keep in an opaque container.
  1. Avoid air. If you’re keeping your beans in the bag they came in, there should be a way to seal it after it’s been opened. If there isn’t, consider getting an air-tight opaque container.
  1. Avoid temperature fluxuations. Keep your beans in a pantry or cupboard where they won’t be subject to heat from the oven or air conditioner from your vents.

We also recommend whole bean storage, rather than grinding your entire bag when you get it. By grinding right before use, you’ll maximize freshness of your drink, along with keeping that delicious fresh coffee smell for longer!

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