Cafe Menu

We believe that everyone deserves a little something extraordinary each and every day, because when daily rituals are treated with mindful intention and focused effort, what we consume has the power to elevate and enhance our experience of being alive. That’s why we work hand in hand with a growing community of farmers, gardeners, chefs, brewers, importers, roasters, beekeepers, bakers, and baristas; to provide the absolute best coffee and tea concoctions available. So that our quiet moments of solace, reflection, and connection might lead us to engage the world more fully and more compassionately.

Our aim is to provide the most considered, delicious, and expertly crafted version of any given beverage, on any given day, to every single customer. Because we believe our community deserves nothing less than our utmost effort.

Below is the current in-house cafe menu, which we rotate along with the seasons in order to serve you items that serve to celebrate, and hopefully honor this place in this time.